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  • nelum botanics

  • nelum botanics

Wild-harvested, biodynamic, nutrient-rich botanical ingredients that deliver top quality phyto-compounds
Subheading: All good botanicals sans filters or toxic ingredients and still the best results
Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, committed to fair trade & sustainable developments initiatives

Reviews and Testimonials

  • In my hunt for healthy skincare brands, there are some that stand out in their commitment to sustainability and transparency.  Nelum Botanics is certainly one that rises to the top.  Let’s just say: mind blown

    Sarita / Hub of Clean Living

  • I am so glad that I came across your brand. Your products make me feel so good, happy, and healthy! Theses are the nicest products I have ever used!

    Debbie / Cherished Client

  • Nelum Botanics is a well-thought-out, very high quality product line whose owner has based her formulations on her experience and studies/work in Permaculture with a deep respect and love for Nature. She is very knowledgeable about how to take care of skin properly with a simple system.  Her organic and beautifully made face and body oils are perfect for anyone's skincare regimen. 

    Mary / Simply Nirvana

  • I am loving the cleanser!!!!  It is one of the best make up removing face washes I have used! And I just love the Rosehip & Chamomile Body Oil!

    Stacy / Inherent Skin Care

  • It’s been such a pleasure for me to work with the incredible woman behind Nelum botanics for the past few months.💙 I’ve really gotten to know her deep-rooted passion for holistic, sustainable living and her unmatched expertise in botanical ingredients used since the ancient times for their natural healing properties. I’ve been using this particular Aqua Vitae (“water of life” for it being rich in vitamins and minerals, bringing life back to dull skin) over the past month every morning to wake my skin up and again - I feel like a simple, otherwise mundane part of my daily routine has become enriched with meaning and purpose.

    Kaméa / Ethical Writers & Creatives