Meet the Maker

I am the one meticulously and passionately handcrafting your skincare products like a modern-day shaman, I am your Medicine Maker, bridging modern-day science with old traditional remedies. I find so much happiness being with nature that being able to study and concoct remedies for healthy living, brings me ultimate fulfillment.

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with Mother Nature's wonders, and dreamed of making herbal medicine to show people how amazing nature is. I continued my passion for botany and herbal healing in college while earning a degree in Social Thought & Political Economy, and International Education. As I was earning my MA in International Affairs, I had my first baby boy. I was struck by motherhood and endless love for my baby. It was then I realized that the biggest contribution to making this world a better place was to raise a fine human being. And so I became a stay-at-home mom. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

It was around this time when I had plenty of time to redesign my path, that I decided to combine three of my passions: being at home to raise my kids (yes, plural because number two came along); nature & herbalism; and sustainable development, to fulfill on my dreams. 

Nelum Botanics was born out my life-enhancing experience with herbal healing and my deeply rooted desire to inspire people to turn to Nature's bountiful wonders for their health and beautifying needs. Nelum Botanics is also a reflection of my background in Sustainable Development. My commitment to using ecologically grown ingredients not only stems from my promise to ensure quality, but also as a way to ensure that Nelum Botanics is contributing to, and a part of, positive ecological practices that mind the needs of our delicate environment. 

Because of our global economy, Nelum Botanics is also very active in supporting fair trade as a way to ensure that communities working in harmony with nature and harvesting our botanical ingredients are able to thrive and flourish: my business would not exist if it wasn't for the hard-working farmers who cultivate all my ingredients. For this reason, we source from fair trade as much as possible and a healthy portion of our profit goes towards helping communities attain food security and food sovereignty. Learn more about our first exciting forest garden project in Chemolingot, Kenya here. This is the holistic cycle that I want Nelum Botanics to be a part of; this is the holistic cycle that allows us to create powerful products and actively engage in meaningful projects.