Meet the Maker


Herbal healing has supported human health since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, because of colonialism, capitalism, and the need for advanced medicine, herbal healing lost its credibility. And with that, those who continued to practice the art of healing with nature, were often looked down upon.

I started Nelum Botanics because I have always believed in the therapeutic power of herbs and wanted everyone else to know about it. I also believed that if people experienced the benefits and joys of healing with nature, then they would feel closer to Mother Earth and take greater measures to protect her.

My formulations are inspired by traditional healing practices from Sri Lanka, France, India, and the US. I borrow ideas from Africa and Latin America, as well but want to learn more about both their practices. All of my products are made with carefully selected herbs.

Because I only use botanical ingredients (as well as clay and sea salt) I am committed to only using ingredients that are wild, organic and eco-friendly. This is to ensure that these are free of toxins (synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs), and able to yield the highest quality of medicinal compounds. It is to also ensure that my use of these natural resources, for our health benefits, doesn’t come at the expense of nature. Leading with that same spirit, I make sure that all (as much as possible—90% so far) of my botanical ingredients are sourced from fair trade and a portion of our profit goes towards helping communities attain food security and food sovereignty.

Learn more about our first exciting forest garden project in Chemolingot, Kenya here. This is the holistic cycle that I want Nelum Botanics to be a part of; this is the holistic cycle that allows us to create powerful products and actively engage in meaningful projects.