The Origin of Our Name

The Origin of Our NameThe beautiful teardrop island, once known as Serendib for its serendipitous beauty, was where I spent my first 6 years of life. After leaving this emerald green island of medicinal magic, I held on to the most precious memories of scent, specifically of candlelit temples, jasmine garlands, and fresh cut fruit. The sound of prayers and the clinging of pots as women prepared mid-day meals sang in my heart. My vivid memories perfectly capture the scenes of my childhood in a place I so dearly loved.  One recurring scene was of me playing by a pond bejeweled with lotus blossoms.

As I blossomed into an adolescent, my godmother, said “Klara, you know that there is a magical flower that grows in the muddy waters of lakes and swamps, yet despite its surrounding, it rises above and flares its beautiful petals, and not one has a single spot of mud. Be like that amazing flower, Klara!” Her words stayed hidden within me as I traveled down the different roads in my life.

One day, when I was ready to start my business, I found a quaint little pond where I sat down to reflect. In awe of the beauty and peace the flowers brought me, I remembered my godmother’s words and saw that she was speaking of the Sacred Lotus. Nelumbo is the Genus name for Lotus. I thought of naming my business Nelum (pronounced né•loom) and found out, to my delightful surprise, that Nelum is also Singhala (my mother tongue) for Lotus.